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The In Celebration Of Collection

The past two years have thrown us for a whirlwind. But in the face of uncertainty, we have overcome the odds and have accomplished great things. Taking the time to sit back and appreciate how far we have come is so refreshing, and motivates us to keep reaching for our goals.

Whether you started on a new education or career path, expanded your family, celebrating the love between you and your partner, or even those of us who put ourselves first and focused on self-care - we all deserve some recognition and celebration this year.

At La Bijoutiere, we understand how easy it can be to let life pass us by and not take the time to make sure our loved ones (and ourselves!) feel appreciated, celebrated, and special.

We all deserve to feel recognized, and our newest collection of 14k gold fine jewelry featuring symbolic diamonds and engravable pendants is designed to do just that.

Designed to be a gift to yourself or a loved one celebrating an accomplishment, a moment in time, a person, or just yourself!

Along with our beautiful heirloom-quality jewelry, each piece comes with ‘In Celebration Of’ cards with a space for you to fill out exactly what your new piece means to you.

With an heirloom-quality piece made in America and a special meaning behind it, you know anyone receiving a new piece will feel recognized and celebrated every time they see their jewelry.

These pieces will remind you of a specific moment in time, an achievement, and the importance of celebrating ourselves every day.

Make someone feel special and loved today, and show them they’re worthy of the sparkle they emit.

Good things take time, and the items in this collection are made to order. If you are getting a gift for someone, make sure to order around 2 weeks before you need the piece, especially given the current delays with the postal system.

Shop the collection here.

We’d love to know what you’re celebrating this year, make sure to take pictures and tag us with your new piece and what it is in celebration of.

Tag us in your pictures for a chance to be featured on our social media!


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