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Our Materials

We always use solid 14k gold and natural gemstones in our jewelry.

Why natural gemstones vs. lab-grown or common substitutes like moissanite? Natural gems’ value comes from their scarcity as a natural, billion-year-old precious gem Natural gems have shown over decades to grow in value, (it is a common myth that they don’t retain value.)   Their value retention has made them a store of wealth for centuries. Lab-grown diamonds are a manufactured product so their value is tied to the cost of production. As technology improves and the cost of production declines, so does the value. This is why the price of lab-grown diamonds has continued to decline year over year.Diamonds are known for their durability. They are the hardest known mineral and can withstand almost any kind of wear and tear, which makes them ideal for everyday wear. 

Why 14k gold? Solid gold has high quality and value compared to other gold types. It lasts forever and has a high tarnish resistance. Gold-filled, while counter-intuitive, is not filled with gold. It is a layer of gold around a base metal center, usually made of copper and brass. While gold filled does have somewhat good quality and value and can last for some time if cared for properly, even with the best care it will not last forever. Gold vermeil and gold plated are both thin outer layers of gold around different bases - vermeil has a silver center while plated has a base metal center, similar to gold-filled just with a thinner layer of gold.

These materials have and will continue to stand the test of time, and so it only makes sense for us to choose the best materials for our heirloom pieces.

Commitment to Responsibility

Our jewelry suppliers are all RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified. 

RJC is an international body, headquartered in London, that certifies fine jewelry product manufacturers and suppliers for responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices throughout their operations. Certification and membership requires an independent third-party audit covering all aspects of operations, from our supply chain and production to business ethics and employee health and safety.

Members must meet RJC's Code of Practices which respects human rights throughout the jewelry supply chain for diamond, gold, and platinum group metals. RJC members commit to implementing continuous improvement processes to increase performance and achieve higher standards.

Want more information about the Responsible Jewellery Council?

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